I like to create basic ready-to-wear pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match with each other and potentially with your already existing wardrobe. I enjoy combining several pieces together in order to design more complex and textured looks, to make my customers’ life as easy as possible when creating an outfit or shopping online.

You will find a bunch of ‘simple, but great’ garments on my webshop. The term simple referring to simple, minimalistic, yet flattering silhouettes, while great reflects on the endless ways these pieces of clothing can be worn. Next to every product picture you will find a „How to wear the trend” inspirational board created by me, showing you the function of the garment, and various ways to style that particular design.

Layering is a key term for me. If you like playing with layers, textures, different styles, and different ways of wearing your pieces of clothing, you will enjoy looking around on the webshop. And hybrid fashion is basically an even more complex method of layering, which means incorporating elements of two different pieces of clothing into one. Why would you bother tying a shirt around your waist in the morning, when I’ve already done this for you…? Why would you waste time layering a pleated or ruffled sleeve top under a t-shirt or a dress to achieve statement sleeves, when you can buy the ready-to-wear version on my webshop?  Being fashionable and having a creative personal style is now officially super easy…!

The pieces of clothing designed by me have been inspired mostly by street style, layering, and the concept of hybrid fashion.


Street style has always existed but it has become a phenomenon of the 20th century. Nowadays it has become just as major worldwide, as the runway shows themselves.

The “street” approach to style and fashion is often based upon individualism, not simply current fashion trends. Bill Cunningham, world famous photographer of The New York Times who basically made street style „fashionable” so to say, pointed street style out as a keen catalogue of ordinary people`s clothing. Also, he mentioned that streets tell you much about fashion and people if you listen. According to him the best fashion shows are the ones coming to life every day on the streets.



If we take into consideration the history of fashion, the term has probably been around for the past 30 centuries. However, this new, trendy kind of layering is not about wearing a thick cover-it-all cardigan over everything and hoping it will keep you warm. Not only. There is serious methodology in the current and fashionable kind of layering, which involves combining interesting, clever, and adaptable pieces of clothing made of breathable but insulating fabrics that have been designed to be slipped over, under – or sometimes both, depending how the mood takes you – other similarly smart pieces.

And what else is great about it? Layering means you can wear clothes you previously classified as summery all year long. Skirts over trousers, T-shirts under dresses, a shirt on top of a turtleneck. All doable. Other typical staples include ponchos, blazers, kimonos, cardigans, vests, sheer skirts or dresses, camisoles, aprons, scarves, socks, and many more.

The ways of combining these elements together are endless, and you can perfectly taylor your outfit to your own personal style. How?

  1. Get the right accessories. Let’s say, belts. When layering, sometimes there needs to be some contouring – decide whether the most flattering location is your hips, natural waist, or slightly above it. And then accentuate it.
  2. Layer necklines.
  3. Layer sleeves.
  4. Layer hemlines.
  5. Pick smart fabrics. Layer light-weight fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, satin, lace, or mesh) within each other for a summery look, or pair them with heavier fabrics (wool, cashmere, tweed, leather, suede, or denim), to add more contrast and to keep you warm if the temperature drops.
  6. Layer jewellery. Long, fine chain pendants or necklaces look great when paired with a long cardigan, or kimono. Both help you elongate your figure.
  7. Wear underwear as outerwear. When getting dressed in the morning, change the rational order of garments that you put on. Wear a lace dress or silk camisole on top of your T-shirt or shirt instead of wearing it underneath.

Did I manage to get you in the mood…? Shop my Layering pieces for easy and stylish layering.



Hybrid fashion means being creative on a larger scale from the usual thinking that goes on in the creative fashion industry today. By capturing more styles, trends and unique elements at the same time, it can add new characteristics to clothing and even new criteria for categorizing clothing items. This initiative creates concepts that have never been done before, and the sea of possibilities is endless. The hybrid way of creating and designing helps you develop ideas no one has thought of before and create fashion items- and therefore a personal style – which is beyond imagination.

Hybrid fashion is also a way of layering basically, but it means incorporating elements of two different pieces of clothing into one. So thanks to this trend you can now achieve a perfectly structured layered look even by wearing only one piece of clothing.

Let’s have a look at how the concept was born. Ever since Dior’s Resort 2014 collection introducing the half-pants half-skirt combo, there was something in the air that was about to bring us the birth of hybrid fashion. This is the latest trend in the everlasting line of fashion experiments that involve stitching two previously unrelated sartorial items together. If you dig into your memory I’m sure you recall previously spoken-about expressions like “skorts” -skirts and shorts- or the infamous jeggings -something in between jeans and leggings. So right now, there are some serious combo-clothing trends that are in remission, and this is exactly what inspires me day by day.

Did I manage to get you in the mood…? Shop my Hybrid pieces for easy and stylish layering.