Need help to find the clothes that suit your personality best? Want to develop your own style or just boost your confidence? You’re in the right place! Having a stylist as a personal shopper is not a luxury anymore, it’s an investment that helps you improve your look and confidence. What I can offer:


Discover the hidden pieces of your closet! In this 2-3 hours session I will visit your home and together we will go through your entire collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. After this I can help you decide which pieces of clothing to keep, and which can be forgotten, also I am more than happy to create a couple of outfits for you, or teach you which types of clothes, textures, colors suit you best, and how you can achieve new or unique looks by pairing together elements of your own, already exising wardrobe. If we discover that something is missing and would be a worthwile investment to your wardrobe, we can still go on a personal shopping spree together!


During a Personal Shopping  Spree we spend a couple of hours together in a shopping mall that suits you, to find the most appropriate pieces of clothing to fit your personal style, character, and already existing wardrobe. We all waste money on unnecessary items of clothing and accessories so let me show you how to shop professionally. I will help you decide which items are the most flattering for your figure and also how you can mix and match different pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories in order to achieve a perfectly harmonious look that suits your style and personality. Trust me, the items we will buy together will definitely become your new favorites and a great addition to your wardrobe.


In case you want to become as stylish as your favorite character from Sex and the City, or as gorgeous as a Greek Goddess, this is within your reach! The package includes personal styling and image consultation, new hair style and gorgeous make-up to complete your new look.  All of this will be captured by a photoshoot with a professional fashion photographer. Let our professional crew bring out the most of you!