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The pieces of clothing designed by me have been inspired mostly by street style, layering, and the concept of hybrid fashion. For my brand Simply Cynthi, I like to create basic ready-to-wear pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match with each other and potentially with your already existing wardrobe. I enjoy combining several pieces together in order to design more complex and textured looks, to make my customer’s life as easy as possible when creating an outfit or shopping online.

You will find a bunch of ‘simple, but great’ garments on my webshop. The term simple referring to simple, minimalistic, yet flattering silhouettes, while great reflects on the endless ways these pieces of clothing can be worn.

Layering is a key term for me. If you like playing with layers, textures, different styles, and different ways of wearing your pieces of clothing, you will enjoy looking around on the webshop. And hybrid fashion is basically an even more complex method of layering, which means incorporating elements of two different pieces of clothing into one. Why bother tying a shirt around your waist when you dress up in the morning, when I’ve already done this for you…? Why bother layering a pleated or ruffled sleeve top under a t-shirt or a dress to achieve statement sleeves, when you can buy the ready-to-wear version on my webshop?  Being fashionable and having a creative personal style is now officially super easy…!

When browsing on the webshop, next to every product picture you will find a „How to wear the trend” inspirational board created by me, showing you various ways to style that particular design. So in case you run out of ideas, no worries, this will keep you inspired when creating your daily outfit!

Did I manage to get you in the mood? Have a look around the WEBSHOP!