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Nürnberg getaway

Whenever I read other fashion bloggers’ posts, it always seems so easy to travel all the time and take pretty pictures to post on Facebook, Instagram, or their blogs. I somehow never manage to do that…! Usually when I travel abroad for work, I’ve rarely got enough free time to deal with my blog, and then when you travel for holiday, you’re happy that you’ve finally got some time off so it never really comes to my mind to do anything work related. However, I thought now it’s time to break this habit and when I traveled to Nürnberg a couple of weeks ago I took a some outfit and sightseeing pictures that I thought I would share with you guys. I promise to try and do this more often in the near future….! 🙂

Let’s see some interesting facts about the city then. After Münich, Nürnberg is the second-largest city in Bavaria, and the largest in Franconia (Franken). Apart from being famous for the Nürnberg trials, when between 1945 and 1946, German officials involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity were brought before an international tribunal in the Palace of Justice of the city, one of the few undamaged ones despite extensive Allied bombing of Germany during the war, there are also a lot of cultural and historical places to see. As I’ve already been there several times, sightseeing was not my main goal, but in case you travel there as a tourist, it’s definitely worth to see the zoo, the house of Albrecht Dürer, Frauenkirche (Our Lady’s Church), the Castle, and of course Lorenzkirche (St. Laurence church), with the shopping streets nearby. Oh and I can highly recommend my aunt’s dental consulting centre…! Hahahah… 😀 Auf wiedersehen!