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Nem tűntem el… – The story of Gedeon Richter

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Last fall I had the chance to work on the shooting of a beautiful movie. The story of Gedeon Richter, who was a pharmacist, a researcher, a scientist, and a brilliant businessman at the same time. The documentary was shot in honour of the 70th anniversary of Richter’s death/disappearance. I thought I would share of couple of pictures taken behind the scenes with you guys.

The stunning contemporary costumes praise the work of Andrea Friebert and Mónika Kiss-Matyi costume designers, while I took part in the prodution as a set costumer. The movie directed by Dávid Spáh premiered yesterday evening, at the Uránia Movie Theatre.

Director: Spáh Dávid


Seress Zoltán
Rudolf Péter
Kovács Lehel
Szirtes Ági
Radnai Márk
Rajkai Zoltán 
Anger Zsolt

Costume Design: Friebert Andrea, Kiss-Matyi Mónika

Hair & Make-up: Vörös Renáta, Lázár József

Prosthetics: Novák Balázs