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Visszatérnek a matadorok!

Madonna’s 10th worldwide concert tour, the Rebel Heart Tour starts on September 9th 2015, in Montreal, Canada. I’m sure if you have seen her new ‘Living for love’ video, or recent live performances or rehearsal footage from the tour, you know what’s coming! We’re back into the matador world. Some of the singer’s costumes were designed and made by Daniel Roqueta from Utebo (Zaragoza, Spain). Apparently Madonna hired him after seeing a design he created for a local bullfighter Paulita, one of his regular customers.

Here’s some pictures of the costumes Madonna has already given us an insight into. And since we’re speaking of matadors, the topic just reminded me of a moodboard and a photoshoot I did quite a couple of years ago….so I thought I would share these as well, just for fun…! Well, there are some classics that never go out of fashion….like black and white, or pearls….Shall we add matadors to the list as well?? 😉