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Top trends from Paris Fashion Week

The spring 2015 collections have reached fashion month’s final stop: Paris. Let’s see the best looks from the runways!

Luxury and function meet at Hermés, with lead designer Christophe Lemaire showing off extra long tunics, oversized cardigans, and unstructured skirts in soft cream, butter, and brown.

Efficiency was key at Miu Miu – frills, pencil skirts, coats, ruffles, plaid, color, and texture, all wrapped up in a ladylike soft hourglass figure with a defined waist.

Opposite to the above, Karl Lagerfeld filled the Chanel catwalk with men’s-inspired tweed suits and multicolored printed coats, capes, pants and boots. But of course their signature black-white and navy looks weren’t missing either.

Every day functionality and ease characterized Louis Vuitton’s looks: jeans, button-down dresses, white knit sweaters….a surprizingly wearable collection compared to previous seasons!

Now that we’ve seen the runways, make sure to check back tomorrow for the best street style looks, from Paris Fashion Week!