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Street style layering

So now that’s we’ve covered the runways, let’s see some great layering tricks from the streets. First of all it’s good to know which key wardrobe pieces are best for layering. The all-time favorites include ponchos, blazers, kimonos, cardigans, vests, sheer skirts or dresses, camisoles, aprons, scarves, socks, and so on. It’s also worth to get the right accessories. Let’s say, belts. When layering, sometimes there needs to be some contouring – decide whether the most flattering location is your hips, natural waist, or slightly above it. And then accentuate it.

In case you’ve decided to give layering a go, but you’re not yet an expert on how to do it, I recommend that you start by combining layers of similar colors together. This way you can achieve a nice and simple monochrome look. You can’t really go wrong with that. The more daring can try and mix and match different colors, to get a great color block ensemble, but you can even play with different prints or textures among the different layers.

The ways of combining elements together are endless. Use the same piece of clothing more than once, just layer it with something else, or wear it in a different way, or use it as a different layer. And the result will always be unique, because you will be the one to decide what to layer, and how to layer it, so you can perfectly taylor your outfit to your own personal style.

And what else is great about it? Layering means you can wear clothes you previously classified as summery all year long. Skirts over trousers, T-shirts under dresses, a shirt on top of a turtleneck, and then you can always add a blazer, or a coat, and so on and so forth. The colder it gets, the more layers to add…! 🙂 But let’s have a look at how the street style pros do it, here’s some of my favorite outfits to get you inspired!