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HaNa lookbook

Last summer I had the chance to organize the creation of a lookbook which incorporated extremely unique and creative pieces of design. Which were……? Panties! Well, panty-shaped wallets to be more precise! 🙂 Hana is a new brand dealing with designing, little bags, clutches, wallets and accessories. And there’s so many different kinds of them, I am sure everyone finds one to fall in love with, but usually more than one…! Trust me, I know from experience! 

“I like to combine different colors, textures, shapes. This makes the result of my work exciting and unique. Leather is my all time favorite. It’s touch, smell, and ageless quality is as important as the product’s image.” – explains Hanna Vadkerti, the designer of the brand.
With this post I would like to take the opportunity to thank the whole crew for their hard work on this very busy but fun day! So let’s see the panties then! 😉
Photos: Orsi Potyondi-Galasi @ Pure & Pastel Photography
Design: Hanna Vadkerti @ hana
Styling: Cynthia Cheikh Asaad @ Simply Cynthi
Make-up: Renáta Vörös, Ági Pacsuta
Hair: Niki Varga @ Lazar’s
Models: Natali Toot, Martina Olajos, Viktória Kiss