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Fashion Week Street Style

Sooo as always, following my catwalks and trends related post after every fashion week, here comes my street style related post from the world outside the runways…! I guess I can call it a tradition by now…! 😉

As some of you fashionistas might have already noticed, in the last couple of years it was not necessarily the great fashion houses that introduced trends by sending something down the runways, but rather the people of the street who turned into trendsetters by wearing something that next season ended up on the catwalks. Just think about Chanel pairing their fancy dresses with sneakers for their show a couple of seasons ago. For example it can easily happen that Balenciaga’s ‘IKEA bags’ this year were inspired by me…! Hahaha just kidding! 😀

Jokes aside, contrary to the last couple of years’ masculine, bold, and extravagant street style looks during fashion week time, this year it seems femininity has regained power in terms of textures, colors, and even accessories. Have a look at my favourite snaps I’ve gathered for you from the streets of London, Paris, Milan, and New York!