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Sky, Earth, Man, Woman – new season

You might have already got used to the fact that I’m always trying to share my latest works and projects with you on my blog. Well I have a bit of a backlog right now, but will try to make up for it…! 🙂

From October on, a brand new season of the TV show: Ég, föld, férfi, nő (Sky, earth, man, woman) is back on M1, with me being part of the crew as a stylist. While in the first season Péter Telekes and Eszter Földes were our tourist guides during the adventures, this time Sanyi Nagy and Fanni Weisz take over their roles, to show us even more beautiful and interesting sights and hidden beauties in Hungary and throughout the neighbourhood. In the first episode we can get an insight into where they both come from and what path they had to walk along to get where they currently are in their lives, hence, Fanni shows us her hometown Pécs, while Sanyi guides us through Szeged. In case you missed it, you can watch it here!

Of course I am also sharing some pictures taken during the shooting! Enjoy! 🙂