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About me and the Webshop

My name is Cynthia Cheikh Asaad, and I am a person who loves everything related to costumes, fashion, and design. I find inspiration in nature, culture, people, places, music, my work, and even in every-day life. Working as a fashion stylist is an absolutely diverse and challenging job. In case you would like to get an entertaining insight into photoshoots, runway shows, TV programmes, music videos, or movies I work in, make sure to check out my blog!

You know how they say, the cowl does not make the monk. Still, the way we dress up is a reflection of our personality, and first impressions count. Our clothes are our second skin and we need to feel gorgeous and confident in them. If you feel like you are in need of styling advice, wardrobe organization, or even personal shopping, I am more than happy to help you!

Furthermore, in 2016 I created my own brand called Simply Cynthi, offering you ready-to-wear key pieces of clothing easy to mix and match with each other and also with basic items of your already existing wardrobe. If you are a reader of my blog, you might already know by now that topics like street style, layering and of course fashion accessories are frequently featured in my personal styling related blog posts. In addition to these, this year I became very interested in hybrid fashion. My passion towards these concepts helped me design a clothing line that I like to call ‘simple, but great’, the term simple referring to simple, minimalistic, yet flattering silhouettes, while great reflects on the endless ways these pieces of clothing can be worn. We will talk about this on the blog in more details later on.

Did I manage to get you in the mood? Have a look around the WEBSHOP!