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Street style has always existed but it has become a phenomenon of the 20th century. Nowadays it has become just as major worldwide, as the runway shows themselves.

The “street” approach to style and fashion is often based upon individualism, not simply current fashion trends. Bill Cunningham, world famous photographer of The New York Times who basically made street style „fashionable” so to say, pointed street style out as a keen catalogue of ordinary people’s clothing. Also, he mentioned that streets tell a lot about fashion and people if you listen. According to him the best fashion show is coming to life every day on the streets.

 If you have already had a look around the WEBSHOP, you were probably able to see that what I am offering is ready-to-wear key pieces of clothing easy to mix and match with each other and also with basic items of your already existing wardrobe. Thanks to the fabrics I’ve used, most of the clothes are layerable, so basically the ways these pieces of clothing can be worn are endless and you can easily incorporate them into your own personal style.

In case you haven’t had a chance yet, visit the WEBSHOP now!

Photos: István Várfi

Make-up: Boglárka Szondi

Model: Mónika Rebeka Szőllős