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If we take into consideration the history of fashion, the term has probably been around for the past 30 centuries. However, this new, trendy kind of layering is not about wearing a thick cover-it-all cardigan over everything and hoping it will keep you warm. Not only. There is serious methodology in the new and fashionable kind of layering, which involves combining interesting, clever, and adaptable pieces of clothing made of breathable but insulating fabrics that have been designed to be slipped over, under – or sometimes both, depending how the mood takes you – other similarly smart pieces.

And what else is great about it? Layering means you can wear clothes you previously classified as summery all year long. Skirts over trousers, T-shirts under dresses, a shirt on top of a turtleneck. All doable. Other typical staples include ponchos, blazers, kimonos, cardigans, vests, sheer skirts or dresses, camisoles, aprons, scarves, socks, and many more.

The ways of combining these elements together are endless, and you can perfectly taylor your outfit to your own personal style. Did I manage to get you in the mood? Have a look around the WEBSHOP, and start layering! Autumn is the perfect season to do it!

Photos: István Várfi

Make-up: Sára Skrionya

Model: Mónika Rebeka Szőllős