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The Simply Cynthi Hybrid Collection

Those of you who have read yesterday’s blog post have already managed to get a bit of an insight in what hybrid fashion is. But I though I will tell you a little bit more about this topic because my new collection is about to be launched and it was mainly inspired by this new concept.

Hybrid fashion means being creative on a larger scale from the usual thinking that goes on in the creative fashion industry today. By capturing more styles, trends and unique elements at once, it can make new characteristics to clothing and even new criterias for categorising clothing items. It creates concepts that have never been done before, and the sea of possibilities is endless. This way of creating and designing helps you develop ideas no one has thought of before and create fashion items – and therefore a personal style – which is beyond imagination.

Let’s have a look at how all this hybrid fashion concept was born. Ever since Dior’s Resort 2014 collection introducing the half-pants half-skirt combo, there was something in the air that was about to bring us the birth of hybrid fashion. This is the latest trend in the everlasting line of fashion experiments that involve stitching two previously unrelated sartorial items together. If you dig into your memory I’m sure you recall previously spoken-about expressions like “skorts” – skirts and shorts – or the infamous jeggings – something in between jeans and leggings. 

So right now, there are some serious combo-clothing trends that are in remission, and this is exactly what inspired my new collection. Those of you who know me, or have seen my previous collection, will most probably be able to notice that the apple actually hasn’t fallen too far from the tree in case of the new collection. I like to design basic ready-to-wear pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match with each other and potentially with your already existing wardrobe. Layering is a key term if we’re speaking about the new collection. It is a key term  if you have a look at the previous collection as well. The novelty is that this time, inspired by hybrid fashion, my aim was to combine more pieces together in order to design more complex and textured looks, to make your life even easier when creating your daily outfit. Why bother putting a skirt over a pair of trousers when you dress up in the morning, when I’ve already done this for you…? 🙂 Why bother layering a ruffled sleeve top under a t-shirt to achieve statement sleeves, when I’ve already done this for you? 🙂 Being fashionable and having a creative personal style is now officially super easy…!

The description that I used to characterize my previous collection basically applies to the new collection just as appropriately: ‘simple, but great’. The term simple referring to simple, minimalistic, yet flattering silhouettes, while great reflects on the endless ways these pieces of clothing can be worn. This time my aim was to think out of the box and create something different than the rest of the Hungarian designers, something that differentiates my work from all the other collections displayed at My Showroom Budapest.

When shopping the new Simply Cynthi Collection, you will notice that once again, each item of clothing is labeled with a little moodboard made by me, showing you various ways to style that particular design. So in case you run out of ideas, no worries, this will keep you inspired when creating your daily outfit! 🙂

If you’re interested to see all the exciting elements of the new collection, and their story and of course function one-by-one, make sure to check out my Facebook page for updates, and all the secrets will slowly be revealed….! 🙂