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The neverending rise of the kimono

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. You know why? Layering layering, and more layering! And if we’re talking about layering the key piece we need to mention is definitely the kimono! I know this trend has been around for quite some time but looks like it’s here to stay. Translated, the Japanese word “kimono” means “something to wear.” This traditional Japanese garment dates as far back as the late eighth century. And thanks to its easy, lightweight fabric, versatile robe-like silhouette, it is indeed something to wear … with almost everything.

There’s so many versions of a kimono, depending on the fabric, the length, the sleeve shape, etc. that I can’t even describe how many ways there are of wearing it. Pair it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts while the weather is still nice and summery, or use it as a top layer for your fall outfit, wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a shirt,  a light knit sweater or even a turtleneck underneath. Tie it with a belt if you’d like to emphasize your waist or just leave it undone if you prefer to opt for the relaxed, slightly oversized look. Depending on the length and the sleeves you can easily wear it even on top of a cute dress! I’ve gathered some of my favorite street style looks to get you inspired! Let’s have a look! 😉