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The roots of Hybrid fashion

When creating our personal style it’s worth asking ourselves the question: are we willing to think outside the box and be creative on a larger scale? If you’re looking for creating outfits that are standing out from the crowd, hybrid fashion was definitely invented for you! This new concept of fashion is giving birth to new characteristics of clothing and even new criterias for categorising clothing items. By capturing more styles, trends and unique elements at once, even within the same piece of clothing, it creates wardrobe pieces that have never been worn before, and the sea of possibilities is endless.

Hybrid fashion is also a way of layering basically, but it means incorporating elements of two different pieces of clothing into one. So thanks to this fashion trend you can now achieve a perfectly structured layered look even by wearing only one piece of clothing. This will help you develop a personal style beyond imagination.

Let’s have a look at how all this hybrid fashion concept was born. Several fashion houses have been drawn to this trend for a couple of seasons now. Just think of Balenciaga’s or Maison Margiela’s Fall/Winter 2018 runway collection. But even their previous collections show several characteristics of the hybrid trends. Furthermore, ever since Dior’s Resort 2014 collection was launched, introducing the half-pants half-skirt combo, there was something in the air that was about to bring us the birth of hybrid fashion.

Maison Margiela Fall 2018
Maison Margiela Fall 2018
Balenciaga Fall 2018
Balenciaga Fall 2018

And as the amount of fashion experiments that involve stitching two – or even more – clothing items together is basically endless, I think hybrid fashion is definitely here to stay. Did I manage to catch your attention…? Good! 🙂 Cause there’s some serious combo-clothing statement pieces up on our WEBSHOP!

Have a look at this DENIM SLEEVE SHIRT available with original blue denim sleeves, but you can also buy it with black, beetroot, or beige colored sleeves. This incredibly versatile piece of clothing was born by stitching a shirt and a pair of denim trouser-legs together. Hence, it can be worn as a shirt or as a denim jacket, enabling you to style it in endless different ways. You can wear it buttoned, with a pair of jeans, cullottes, basically any kind of trousers, or even a skirt, tucked in or belted at waist, or you can opt for wearing it open, casually, with a jumper or a T-shirt underneath. Happy shopping! 🙂

RG8_6458 (2)
The Denim Sleeve Shirt – with BEIGE sleeves
RG8_6499 (2)
The Denim Sleeve Shirt – with BEETROOT sleeves