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The Winner

At this year’s Hungarian Movie Week you can watch Dávid Géczy’s short movie, The Winner, which I had the chance to contribute to as a stylist during the shooting in January. The movie shows us the ordinary life of a swimming instructor, days of whom are quite the same: he teaches children to swim, while during the evenings he tends to become the prisoner of his own memories, remembering his youth, when he won the gold medal at the 1980 Olimpics in Moscow.

The old swimming instructor, played by actor Andor Lukáts, makes an attempt to compete with his own self basically, when he decides to swim his top score from back at the Olimpics. But this battle defeats him.

Perhaps the biggest challenge from a costume perspective was the reconstruction of the 1980 Moscow Olimpics, when I had to dress up the young swimming instructor, played by actor Iván Kamarás, his wife, played by Eszter Földes, and the rest of the participants and spectators of the olimpics in contemporary costumes. In addition to this, the visual world of the movie was based on red and blue colors, so even in case of the scenes taking place at present, we had to do our best to achieve this concept both in terms of costumes, as well as when it comes to props and set dressing. This latter was the responsibility of Attila Kővári Digi.

In case you missed the premiere, you can watch the short movie at the Hungarian Movie Week on October 17th and 18th. Click here for details! Meanwhile I am sharing some pictures from the shooting and the trailer!

Director: Dávid Géczy

Camera: Dániel Farkas (‘A’ camera), Róbert Ádok (‘B’ camera)

Script: Dávid Géczy, Pál Laska

Cast: Andor Lukáts, Iván Kamarás, Eszter Földes, Gergő Mikola, Simon Szemző, Tamás Racsek