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2019 – The year of asymmetry!

Hello 2019! Just when you thought there’s no way denim can possibly be reinvented again… here comes a new year and a new trend is sneaking into our lives: asymmetry! In 2019 asymmetry does the talking. This very eye-catching trend is almost self-explanatory: asymmetrical lines immediately draw the attention of the eyes! Just think of when you’re talking to someone who has accidentally done up their shirt or cardigan wrong. The minute you spot it, that’s all you can look at! This is exactly why the new asymmetrical trend is so cool, edgy, and bold. It’s just like red lipstick or a good pair of glasses! It immediately makes a statement.

And of course denim pieces cannot stay out of the equation! Whether it’s a hybrid 2 in 1 piece, or an asymmetrical waistline or hem, two-toned legs or legs of a different cut, they all mean the same thing: you wanna be unique and stand out from the crowd! Here’s some of my favorite new pieces to spice your wardrobe up with!